It is what you have put into your business.  Perhaps you are on your way or already a full-time teacherpreneur.   Either way, you have built an amazing business and it’s everything you dreamed it could be. Except the one little nightmare of not enough hours in the day to complete the tasks to support your business.  The recurring nightmare is the behind the scenes work that takes up so much time, and you find yourself dreading, sometimes even avoiding that work. You would rather just do what you’re passionate about and continue building your business! If only you could make the nightmare turn into the dream of a successful, thriving business and focus on the fun stuff.

Here’s the good news: you can have the dream! Even better, I think the behind the scenes nightmare is the fun stuff!

Hiring a virtual assistant is a commitment to your business.  Whether you want to take your business to the next level or just bring a little more sanity to your life, there are ways to help. Think about what you could do if you freed up 3, 5, 10, or 20 hours a month!

I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Childhood Education and a Bachelors in Public Health Education.  I am an educator with 14 years of classroom experience and 3 plus years experience creating and selling on Educents and Teachers Pay Teachers.  Alongside of the creating, I market my products with a blog and social media. I edit and revise products and descriptions with a highly effective strategy. I manage social media such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. I have up to date techniques, strategies, and training for Pinterest and the latest algorithm. This experience and in-depth knowledge gives me the experience and expertise to assist educational consultants and teacherpreneurs in their pursuit of their profession.

As a teacher, mom, homeschool teacher, education consultant, or full-time teacherpreneur, your business potential is in your hands.  This is an endeavour only limited only by your time.  Below are some of the day-to-day tasks I can assist you in to help you focus on the passion of your business. If you have something that you would like completed and do not see it listed, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I can customize a service list just for you.


Pinterest Posse
This service is for clients who would like their Pinterest account to feed sales and readers to their store and blog.

  • Optimization – Pinterest accounts will be evaluated and optimized to meet the best practices and  SmartFeed algorithm within Pinterest.  This session is an exclusive service that is completed before most Pinterest management may be performed.  This service has a minimum of fee of $50. Sometimes accounts need extra “TLC”, thus incurring additional hourly rate.  If this is needed, a rate will be agreed upon by both the client and myself before services are rendered.

  • Pinning – Once optimized, the account is set for daily pinning.  This service is an agreed upon schedule of weekly sessions. Sessions are 15, 30, or 45 minutes, generally needing 30 minutes to successfully market your account.


Facebook and Twitter Management
This service provides posting to your Facebook or Twitter business account with an agreed upon content and time. The times and days of the week are calculated at a rate like the Pinterest Posse.

Editing and Revising of digital products
This service is for clients needing their products reviewed for errors, grammatical, esthetics and for content.

  • Acrobat Pro is used to convert pdf files and return the documents ready to use as needed.

  • If desired, a document will be provided for you to review the edits made to the document, before or after completion.  This separate pdf document is similar to a graded essay a teacher would return to a student.  You will be able to see the writing on the document of the edits made.  Please note-if this service is used, it does add time spent on the overall project.

  • Both Mac and PC are available to meet any operating system needs you have.

  • All graphics, images, and files needed for the editing and revising project are provided by the client. Once the files are no longer needed, I will delete the copies of the files for copyright reasons.


This service is for clients who would like their Teacher Pay Teachers or Educents store organized and updated.

  • create, edit and revise product description pages utilizing a standard layout

  • upload products both revised and new

  • review and answer or forward Q&A

  • review feedback and forward ones that need attention


Hourly rate clients will be billed in 15 minute increments after the first hour. These hours are available based on current monthly workload and may not always be available. (Please see the retainer services below for guaranteed hours every month.).  My current rate per hour is $30.


If you need a specific number of hours each month, a retainer package may be the best option. I will work with you to determine the number of hours you’ll need each month and those hours will be guaranteed in my schedule and receive priority. Pinterest Posse and Facebook Management are considered a part of this service.


Separation of Services
At any time of service, I have the right to cease working for a client. If this occurs, I will do my best to allow for a 1 week notice.  All work will stop on the date of separation.  Charges for the services rendered will be expected to be paid in full within 24 hours.  If the client decides to stop services, he/she will forfeit all money prepaid. The service will cease on the agreed upon date of separation.  There are no refunds or returns of services at all.  My agreement to assist you with the services agreed upon are not binding in any contract.

Hours and Days of Operation
My business hours are Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:00pm Eastern time.  I am available via email, text and Facebook messaging. All contact will be returned within  24 hours of the next business day. My office will be closed to all services on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve.

Your reputation and confidentiality is top priority.  I adhere to a strict anonymity and confidentiality code.  At no time will I share product, services, personal or professional information to a third-party. All your work is secured and accessible by passcodes only I obtain.

I have a transparent personality and I will let you know if a service requested is not a manageable task. I will try my best to give you estimates of time to complete a project. I tell all my clients that it is your business, and you know it best. Please never hesitate to ask or tell me anything. We are both here to promote and grow your business.