Welcome to a shout out and share with my best best buddy, Farrah Shipley.  She is the one my Georgia Girlfriend Jayne, from Smart Kids, refers to as "that clapping lady!  Well, yes, she claps to tell the kiddos to TEACH and WBT's her way through her day in Texas with a smile on her face--for one simple reason.  What is that reason you ask?!!

Oh, it's just 

TEACHER HEAVEN IN THE CLASSROOM!  Read along and take your first steps on the Stairway to {teacher} Heaven!

Hey guys!  Well it's finally uploaded and finally ready!  Man, between iMovie and YouTube today was not my day!  The BTS was fast and furious and it took me and a lot of sellers by surprise!  I hope that all my blog friends got some amazing deals!

Many of you picked up my Writing Rock Stars pack and I hope you have and a chance to download it and look through it!

If you didn't well now is the time to get it and prepare to take your student's writing to a whole new level!  They will be WRITING ROCK STARS!

One of my TPT colleagues has kindly donated a pack for me to review and giveaway as well!

First up:  Gina from Third Grade Tidbits

Her MATH MANIA for 3rd Grade is FABULOUS!  If you missed the sale it is ok!  SHE STILL HAS IT ON SALE!

Thirty-six weeks of math review!  Man oh Man!  Hubby is going to LOVE THIS since he is teaching 3rd Grade Math next year!

So...enter below to win!  One lucky winner will win the Writing Rock Stars and Math Mania!


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