THE TIME HAS COME!!! Kinderland Facebook Freebies on the Fourth

So we have finally arrived at the time to announce our BIG SURPRISE....which is good because I seriously was about to bust......I just HAVE to tell you!!!

Over 40 Kinderland Bloggin Buddies and I have teamed up to give our fans a FACEBOOK FREEBIE HOP!  What this means is (if choose to follow along the hop) you will download more than 40 freebies for your classroom.  Here is all you need to do:

1-Click on the blue picnic picture above to take you to my Facebook page

2-On my (and each thereafter) Facebook page, click the "like" button on the top right side

3-In the tab section on the page, click on the button that says Fabulous Fourth Freebie

4-Click on the part of the picture for the freebie

5-Download the freebie

6-Click on the round part of the picture and HOP onto the next Facebook page

7-REPEAT up to 40 more times!!

But most of all-


The hop will take you all the way around to all the pages and you should end up back on my page when you are finished!

Kinderland teachers are so thankful for you and all the hard work you do.  this is just a little thank you from us.  NOW GO!!  ARE YOU CRAZY?  FREEBIES ARE WAITING ON YOU!!


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