THE Sale-PING, A Giveaway-PING, Great Items-PING!!


I am all over the place today.  Get ready, this post is filled with lists, sales, a giveaway, great sellers and a visual of me PINGING all over the place.

Those of you not familiar with what "pinging" is, it is the quick reflexive movement to an overload of activities that one participates in at one time.  Think of a pinball machine-now picture the ball "pinging" all over the board.  That my dear, is pinging.  Can you now visualize me pinging all over the place today?

Let's focus and get the info out there for you.

My dear sweet friend Jeannie of Kindergarten Lifestyle is having a Facebook fan giveaway tonight only!  Stop by her fan page and take a look.

Mrs. Sykes is having a great WEEK LONG giveaway at her store.  Click on the owl button to visit her blog for a chance to win!  I might have a little prize in the gift box for a lucky winner!!

In case you have not heard, Teachers Pay Teachers holds an annual sale to honor all of us hard working teachers!  They give a discount as well as the sellers so that you the buyer can load your cart almost 30%  fuller!  Everything in my store will be 28% off.  

A big shout out to Beth of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah designs for the great sales graphic button!  You can check out her work in her store.  Click on her button to visit her.

Below you will find a graphic with various store links.  Just click on the small icons within the graphic and you will be taken to that store for some off the chart products to use in your classroom!

Here are a few items I have that I would love for you to check out!

There are also stores that have linked up for THE sale at the bottom of this post.  I hope this little bit helps you in your cart loading!  Remember, you can load the cart now and it will save it for you to purchase on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Have a great week...I will see you in the shopping aisles at TpT!

Remember, if you are reading here, be a dear-and leave me some love.  And as always, if you like what you see, follow me!!


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