Technology Tuesday

Hi everyone!  I hope that your summer is going great!  I have been busy making a few editable tpt products and I want to share with you a great little trick and tool for obtaining those great funky fonts.

My friend Kimberly Geswein of KG Fonts told me about embedding fonts into the documents we create.  This will work also if you have a great font on one computer and want it to show up in the document on a different computer.   (note: I am using PowerPoint)

Check this out!

1.  On the File menu, click SAVE AS 

2.  Then on the tool bar, click tools

3.  Click save options

4.  Click Embed True Type fonts -check the box

for only the letters you have typed into the document,


Click Embed characters in use only (best for reducing file size).

for all letters in the font set, click Embed all characters (best for editing purposes)

5.  Click Save/OK.

I like to select to embed all characters.  This allows complete access to the full set of all the letters and characters.  

Please note - if you are using the fonts for commercial use (selling products you made with the fonts within the document), you will need a commercial use license.  Most font artists allow commercial use.  Please check the individual terms and conditions of use.  Below are some of the font artists I love and support!  

If you would like more information on how to build TPT products, you can link back to a wonderful post here.

That's all y'all!  I hope this helps you eliminate all those ugly fonts out there!  Write and create beautiful things with beautiful fonts!   Just say no to ugly fonts!


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