Sneak Peak's and Shout Outs

I am SO, SO, SO excited about tonight's post.  This is your first peek into my classroom.  I love to share my kiddos working hard!  Today we were working on ending sounds in Guided Reading.  Some of babies are having such a hard time with this skill.  I have found that if we practice the words together, enunciating the end sound, it makes it easier for them to recognize the end sound.  Oh- don't think for a minute they don't have the beginning sound, because they rock that concept.  It's just the end sound.  Maybe its a southern dialect  thing to not say the end sound, but my kiddos have got to get them out so they can identify the sounds!  So, we will continue to say what is in the picture and repeat ALL syllables and letter sounds needed until these babies get the ends!!  The activity is one from Deanna Jump.  You can find it here or by clicking on the pictures below.  Don't you just love the little shamrocks and frame?  They are courtesy of The 3AM Teacher.  Check her info out later in this post!  Love her!!

Did you participate in any of the recent blog hops or contests?  Wow-I did and I received some fantastic freebies along the way.  In this pic, my kiddos are working on a Read, Trace, Write, Cut, Paste activity that uses their sight words they are leaning.  Flip Flops and Polka Dots created this activity.  Click on the pic or here for this activity pack.

Here is a way to get to her blog too.

 I have become an addict for clip art.  The School Supply Addict and The 3AM Teacher are a few of my favorites.  Below is a link to a great VIDEO tutorial for creating those hard to make handwriting lines.  I know I have such a hard time on my SmartBOARD without the lines for my kiddos.  We call the top line the hat line, middle line the belt line and lowest line is called the boot or shoe line (personally I am ready to call it the Flip Flop line).  This tutorial will help you if you like straight, even lines.  AND her clip art is to die for!!

An additional Graphics Artist is Michelle at The 3AM Teacher.  Her products are unique and creative and available on her blog.  I love, love, love her Mega Pack Bundles!!  Click the picture or here to connect with Michelle.  She has been a priceless asset for helping me with my blog and creating TpT products.  

Last but not least, I want to send a big ole hug out to my buddy Debbie Clements from Rainbows Within Reach.  She is giving me wonderful advice and guidance while I take baby steps in this epic journey of my life.  Visit her blog and you will see why I get lost for hours in her blog articles and links!

I hope you gained some insight tonight into my little piece of the earth and bloggers I love!  We are all learners that never stop trying to better our knowledge base.  Continue to follow me and please remember that when you visit some one's blog, follow them (and me) some love! 

Until the blog fruit ripens next time,



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