Professional Growth

Growth, according my school, is a measurable and quantitative verb. At the beginning of the year we always present the admin with goals we think we need to work on and show GROWTH.  I was fortunate this past summer to run across Tammy Lee at Live Love Laugh Kindergarten as she was introducing the Daily 5 book study.  I followed along and bought the book.  I love the D5.  It has helped me grow as a reading teacher kindergarten. If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it and start by following Tammy at  

But how is this measurable?  Well, I will take running records with leveled readers - our school uses the Rigby program for leveling.  I had only 1 reader at the beginning of the year, and now I have almost half the class of 22.  I will continue to track growth I hope to see all as readers by the end of the year.

Our county also has been assigned to be a Governor's Reading Initiative school for implementing a differentiated "program".  I hesitate to call it a program, but I do love that fact that our Governor is on board to help my little guys read accurately and obtain this knowledge sooner.  I will post more about this initiative as it comes down to us.  Maybe there will be things you can use too!  But as for growth, I will stick to learning more about Daily 5 implementation and understanding.  Please leave me a comment if you do Daily 5 now, or if you are going to look into it via Tammy's site.  I would really like to know if I am meeting one of my technology goals of collaborating via my blog.  Thanks and enjoy the rest of your winter break!



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