New Friends, Giveaway, and Bla-ecks

Remember the song from Girl Scouts...Make new friends, but keep the old.  Some are silver and some are gold.  Make new friends.....

Well, making new blogging friends is fun.  It fills my bucket!  My newest blog buddy is Mrs. Leeby, A Kindergarten teacher in Minnesota.  Whew-that's wayyyy too cold for this GA peach!  She is celebrating 

200 followers in THE BEST WAY! 

She has a phenomenal TpT shop and terrific products.  Stop by and check her out, give her a congratulatory shout out!

BLA-ECK, gross flu-go away, get out of my house, leave!  My little one has caught the flu bug and we are on the way to the doc now!  Hopefully it is just gross stuff, and not the flu, but we shall see!  

Booga-le-booga-le- yuck yuck go away!  Now maybe the Flu Boogie Man wont get you and yours too!  Stay safe and warm y'all! 




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