New Freebie and a Few More Baby Steps

I am having such fun with all the blogging buddies out there. I am soaking up the love you leave for me in your comments!  It is like opening a gift every time I open the blog.  Thank you for making my days filled with your sweetness!  

Today, I took another baby step.  I started the process of updating and "prettin' up" my blog.  I can not keep hanging out with y'all when I am dressed in sweats and t-shirt, so I have contacted a wonderful designer to "doll me all up and make me look pretty".  Because this is how I feel it looks now...

 Nancy Messenger (  will be adding the bling to this thing. I know on the other side of all this, I will have a GORGEOUS website for all of us to enjoy.  So gather up your "Sunday Best" and join me on Baby Step number 5.  Blog Update.

No, did not forget Baby Step number 4.  I jumped into that one earlier tonight too!  I am linking up with some friends to start a new project involving Pinterest and THE BEST BLOGGERS AND COLLABORATORS AROUND THE WORLD!  I can not wait to reveal the rest of the story.....  you will just have to wait...... tick tick tick!

Tonight, I uploaded a item that I used in my classroom today.  As you know, I teach Kindergarten; and we assess numeral writing to 20 and counting with one to one correspondence.  So, I created a quick little assessment for these standards.  If you would like to download it for FREE  FREE FREE FREE, click on the picture below.  And while you are there, leave me a little bit of the blog love in my TpT feedback!  Oh-and don't forget....


Lastly, the Facebook Fan Page is LIVE!!   Please follow me on my fan page to get instant updates on products and information.  I would love to get to know you a little better too!  So come on over and sit a spell-as my Granny used to say!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!!


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