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When you got it, you got it!  

And these ladies have GOT IT!

Every now and then you come across someone who is so talented and spot on that you are just in awe! Well that is Tammy Lee and her crew for me!  They are the cream of the crop, noodles for my spaghetti, hot fudge for my ice cream!  They are one of the reasons I am here blogging today.  You see, this past summer, I ventured on a journey, not this blogging one, but a simple one to find out about this thing called The Daily 5.  I came across a blogger who was facilitating a book study using The Sisters book and collaborating with some of the best bloggers I have read and met.  This journey went on all summer and prepared me for the surprise announcement from my new principal that we would be implementing the Daily 5 in our classrooms.  Because Tammy and the team prepared me through this book study, I was ready.  Tammy did not know me, we had never spoken via any type of communication, and neither had any of her collaborators.  Now, I have been graced with not only her guidance and friendship, but also those who helped in the book study-- Tammy, Laral, Mary, Caitlyn, Krissy, Marsha, and Crystal.  I think the journey of this past summer taught me more than the Daily 5 (which I did purchase the book to complete the study), it taught me that we never stop learning and as long as we take steps into situations of learning new things, then we will become better at what we do, and inspire others along the way.  It taught me that there are people out there that share and teach because it is who they are, and they truly love to help others.  

Sometimes we never know who or when we will inspire someone.  Today could be your day!  I know I was blessed by these lovlies, and I am a better teacher and mom for it!!  Thank you Girls!!

Want to learn more about The Daily 5, or any of these wonderful women?  Click on their link below to check them out!  You will be inspired too!







For the second part of tonight's post, I want to share some of the best advice I have ever received.  It was my first year of teaching, at Bethesda Elementary.  I was green-real green. Except for my red-headed, spit-fire personality, you would have thought I was a timid, first year teacher.  Parents were very vocal and communicated often at BES.  And I have a personality of "as soon as it lands on my desk, I take care of it".  So when a  mom continued to email me and berate me, I went to my Assistant Principal, Stephanie Twitty.  She gave me words of wisdom that I still hear ringing in my head.  I tell my teenaged children this, the student teachers from University of GA, and fellow teachers and parents...anybody who will listen...I tell them exactly what Stephanie told me.

Dragon Flies in First Linky

Just because someone throws you a ball, it doesn't mean you have to catch it or throw it back.

In other words, when someone is giving your greif, or stressing you out, it is perfectly fine to walk away and not catch that ball they are throwing at you.  Someone gives you the ball, puts it in your hand, they are giving it all to you to carry the burden---well, you still do not have to throw it back.  Keep the ball until you are ready to play, if ever.  No one ever said you have to throw the ball back.

Those are my words of advice for you.  It applies not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of life.  So the next time you come across someone who inspires you, pick up the ball and throw it back out there so others can play too.  But if it's something that stresses you to no end, keep it until you are ready to play.




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