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Hi-Dee-Ho !  Its May ---really, it is, it's May!  Man, where did it go?  I can tell you-it went straight to one of my kinder kiddos-Jamar.  The child went from a level 1 Rigby, beginner reader,  in December to a

(drum roll) 

LEVEL 12!!  

That is a beginning second grade reader!  I am so excited for him.  When he was told, and thus able to tell his mama-who happened to be there because it was his BIRTHDAY today, his little dimples perked up and the boy was grinning ear to ear!!  Oh my gosh!  If I ever had a reason to teach, it was today!  Way to go Jamar!

OK, now that I have calmed down, let's move on to the Currently link up.

Listening- to my music of choice-folk music-70's rock, love it all, but Eagles and John Denver are some old time faves!

Loving- and who would not-my sweet Georgia weather.  I am secretly basking in the sunshine as my northern blog buddies have more snowfall!  Sorry y'all!

Thinking-about the garden, it consumes my thoughts in the summer and spring.  I harvested all the rocks that seem to grow each winter, and now I get to do the first fun part, plant the seeds and seedlings!  

Wanting-I love my German Shepherd Dog, she is everything I ever wanted in a dog.  I love her.  I will -will- will take her on daily strolls through downtown Madison while my son practices football.  I will probably be easy to spot-the dog that walking the lady-yeah-that will be me!!

Needing-to be in the same school system as my children.  I love where I am, and could stay forever.  The 2 different systems have such polar opposite calendars-it drives me bonkers!

Summer Bucket List-I told you about the dog walks and veggie garden-both will take lots and lots of hard work, but the end product will be so sweet!!  And as for the blog and TpT-there will not be a summer hiatus I will blog throughout the summer and making every kind of TpT product known.  so send me any requests you have and I will do my best to fill those requests!  

In the meantime, have a great May.  My school days are coming to an end-May 17 to be exact.  I am looking forward to family and relaxing times.  

Remember, if you are reading here, be a dear and leave me some love.  And as always, if you like what you see, follow me!!


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