March Currently, Magnets, and More

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Hey y'all!  I don't know about you, but I am T.I.R.E.D. of this cold!  Just this past Saturday it was shorts and bare feet, and today, I need to build a fire  because it is sooo cold!  So whomever made Mother Nature mad, please go apologize! I have been working on a few items for the class, and the first one I published a bit ago.  If you are teaching about magnetic force, what, why, and how they attract, this unit is a fantastic way to teach the concept.  It has practice, application, and assessments for the concept! You can check it out in the store.  (click on the picture to get to the store.) 

Here is a sneak peek at what I finishing up today.

Currently is up next.  I have missed a few of these and they are so fun!  I love to hear about what all everyone has going on.  You can stop by and read all about our bloggy friends here on Oh Boy 4th Grade blog.  

There are some really funny ones this month! 

Listening: to Celtic music.   I love it because the beat and rhythm is upbeat.  There are not any words to distract me and make me want to sing a long either.   Loving: my wonderful children and husband.   They have been a light at the end of bad and good days, a positive source for me.  They make me smile (probably because they are all inherently goofy). Thinking: when did my son become old enough to bring home order forms for high school class rings?   Wanting: to start working in the vegetable garden. If the flippin ground would ever defrost I MAY be able to plant some seeds and grow some yummy veggies!  I love garden fresh cucumbers (refuse to buy them at the store), love love love growing corn (so do the crows around here), and I love the time that my little one spends with me in the Georgia red mud as we not only grow veggies, but our love for each other and Mother Earth.   Needing: MY TOES TO DEFROST!!! I do not like being cold.  My toes, not the entire foot, just the toes stay cold.  I cannot stand it!! the only remedy-placing them next to the fire or in the shower!!  Come on spring--Mama needs to wear flip flops again! ???????????:  Casual, Celtic, Classic Center SHHHHH!  This one is a surprise for Husband. They are the answer to a question. Can you figure this one out?  Leave me a comment with your guess of the question.  If you get it correct, I will let you pick any 1 product from my Teacher Pay Teacher store for FREE!!  Leave me your email and make sure you follow me through one of the sidebar options.  And hey- leave me your question of what you think the answers go to!! OHHHH-I almost forgot---PEEK A BOO!

Stop by later to read about the question and the peek a boo!

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