Let's Get Acquainted

Topic: My Classroom

We spend so much time in our classrooms.  It can be like a second home.  We will get acquainted today by sharing three (3) of our favorite areas in our classrooms.

First up-my sight word party, or at least that is what the kiddos call it.  I printed off all our sight words and used duck-tape to attach them together.  I then hung the words like a party banner, thus the sight word party.  The kids can see it clearly, and it stays up year around.  

Next stop, the word wall.  Now y'all, I am only 5 feet and 1 inches tall, I can not change out words all the time when they are posted high in the room.  So I opted for this style word wall.  An interactive, cheap and easy way to change word wall.  I can add whatever words the kids are using immediately and they know if it is on the word wall, it MUST be spelled correctly.

LAST STOP--my wall of love.  This wall is right next to my desk.  I can look at it after the kiddos are gone and see the photos, drawings and love notes they make for me.  Above it all, my Pledge of Allegiance and Beginners posters.  They are a  constant reminder of what is really important in life

Now that you know I love  my love notes, try to leave some love notes of your own for me!!  And if you like what you see, follow me!  


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