Let's Get Acquainted!

I seem to be setting a norm...I'm late again!

TOPIC - Skittles Game

Here is the code:

Red- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Orange- Favorite Memory from College

Yellow- Favorite Sports Team

Green- Favorite Fast Food Place

Purple- Wild Card(Tell anything about yourself)


My all time favorite ice cream flavor is from my childhood...Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter Chocolate.


My all time fav memory from college is the day I asked my then friend, to take me to his fraternity formal.  Now, he takes me everywhere....he's my hubby!


Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech, and Tennessee

(and anyone playing Alabama and Florida State!)


My favorite fast food is by far Chick Fil A.  


I am obsessed with making up my bed everyday!  I have been this way since I was a child, and am even superstitious about it.

That's All Folks...  Stop by my friends blog at Flying Into First to get acquainted with more of my blogging buddies!!

Now I am off to eat some Skittles!


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