June Currently...and yes, I am alive

Hi...yep, it's me, back from the abyss, back from that place where all teachers go after a long year.  I am rested and ready to go-ready to learn, collaborate, and prepare for next year by making products and readying my room!  

To start off, I will share my Currently post with you. I love reading every one's Currently...there is always something new!


Listening--My sweet little girl, bless her heart...she has 2 older siblings that are 9 and 11 years older than her.  She tries so hard to hang with them..she just can't do it!  Tonight is a special night because she gets to sleep in Mommy's bed!  She was lying in the bed telling me she doesn't like to sleep, that she needed to eat, her "body is telling {me} to eat, Mommy".  Then there is the water and bathroom breaks, need of a pillow, then the blanket, scratch her back...GEES GIRL...GO TO SLEEP!  She finally gave up, she is asleep.


Speaking of sleep, I require very little sleep.  I can go on about 6 hours like most can go on with 8-9.  This said, I love to stay up late and get up when Hubby leaves early for work.  It's great.  But this will wear out too...  It's nice for a while.  Check back in August and see what I am loving on that Currently chart.


Thinking---oh Sweets, I am such a blog slacker!  I will refer you to the Loving statement above.  I started summer vacation before Memorial Day, and I just refused to have a time crunch on anything.  At least that is how I am validating it...I think the synonym for this is LAZY. However, I am back, got all the lazy out of me, can't take it anymore....  I. MUST. BE. PRODUCTIVE.  


Wanting--I grew up in the 70-80's.  Neighborhoods in suburban Atlanta were flourishing and we all spent our summer days at the local pools.  for the past few years I was able to take my kiddos to the local military base and swim there.  Now that they are closed due to BRAC, we are pool-less.  Oh-the tragedy!!  I have a little Wal-Mart kiddie pool to keep my little bit entertained, but this Mom NEEDS a pool!  I.MUST. HAVE.A.POOL!

Needing--I have a few things in my life right now that are changing...and I will leave it at that--keep in touch to find out what I have in store....


Vacation essentials--this red-headed, fair-skinned lady has to always have sunscreen handy!  I love reading books all summer and spending time with my loved ones!



That's all for now...it's bed time!!


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