I Love To Learn

I am a self proclaimed learn-something-new lover.  Being around other people that I learn from is fuel for my soul.  This past week I was able to meet some of my new friends for a great time together and "fill up", with the premium gasoline!  It was great to see everyone, and I especially loved the conversation.  There had to be at least 15 conversations going on at the same time...it was pinging my self diagnosed ADHD.  I learned more in those few priceless hours than I wold have at any course.  I learned what works, what is needed and most of all I  learned that there are other people out there dealing with the same issues I am dealing with in the classroom.  They all validated me as a teacher, mom and wife.  These girls are the ultimate gasoline!  

I am currently working on changes and additions to the blog, so thank you for being patient.  I am also working on my first Teacher Pay Teachers pack.  It is a group of activities such as color by sight word, or addition sums, subtraction totals too.  I can't wait to publish the final product!  I plan on having a little St. Patrick's Day FREEBIE too.  Stay Tuned!!


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