Going on a Blog Hunt--a "Beary" Fun Linky Party

Let me start off by saying I am sorry for double posting today, but I just had to join in on the blog hunt with Laura Candler and all my Blogging Besties!

If you are anything like me, you must have lists to remind yourself to complete the lists you created!! Therefore, I am reminding myself as much as I am reminding you about 



I just love Bloglovin and the way they send me a daily report of the blogs I follow, the way I can see the small snipits the blogs on my reader, and how easy peasy it is to begin following a blog.  

If you have not added this blog to your Bloglovin reader, please click on the link below so you can get your snipits too!


Are you looking for more information about elementary teaching and tidbits?  If so, click on our little bear, and join all of us on our blog hunt and click away to add your faves today!!

Click here to go to Laura's page and see a linky party of blogs and all their Bloglovin links!  You will be "beary" happy. I promise!!


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