Five for Friday

Oh my goodness!  Another post?  Yeppers my friends!

I have some fun stuff today to share.  First up is my friend Heather is having a celebration over on her blog.  

Target and TpT money-what more could a girl ask for?  How about a donation in your name to the animal shelter?  I LOVE it!   And so will you so hop on over and check her out!

Next fun stop, Five for Friday.  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to celebrate 5 random things from the week.

1.  I found out that completing a TpT product takes hours and hours of long work.  I posted a new product and I thought it would take a day or so, NOPE.  It took 3 full days.  I know I will speed up, but for now, I will settle with baby steps.

2.  Speaking of baby steps, my babies-13 and 15-were on Spring Break with me this week.   If you read yesterday's post, you know I went to pick up the 13 year old.  I have really missed her.  No matter how old she is, she will always be my princess! 3.  Scentos markers rock my world!!  I have this little obsession, OK, a HUGE obsession.  A while back a friend of mine, Greg over at Kindergarten Smorgesboard, told me about these great markers that smell, not just smell, but send me back to my youth via my nose!  I love them now just as much as I love the Mr. Sketch markers as a kid.  I should have known then I was destined to be a teacher.  School supplies have always been a passion for me! 4.  As corny as it sounds, I love my hometown.  I can go to the grocery, doctor, drug store, gas station and the local Lowes, and everyone knows everyone.  AND they are all about 5 miles apart. photo pulled from pinterest, author unknown5.  Speaking of gas, I was THRILLED to pay only $3.35 a gallon today! So, next weeks Five for Friday will have more classroom items, but for this week, I'm just happy to be here!  Have a wonderful weekend y'all! Blessings,



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