#ETHANproject It's All About the Here and Now

There is a wonderful new movement called the #ETHANproject.  It's all about the here and now with our loved ones.  It's about sharing experiences of how we Enjoy The Here and Now, thus the acronym #ETHANproject.  The purpose of the #ETHANproject is to inspire your creativity, motivate you to be a better mom and support you through the summer months.  And the creators have made it super easy to participate or just to follow along in the fun!

The Summer Challenge runs from June 1 – August 15 and is open to all moms. 

Some of you may have noticed I am blogging more about the DAILY TEACHER MOM LIFE, and thus, I have made a lot of friends in the lifestyle blogger (don't call them mommy bloggers, they hate that) niche.  In one of my groups, a friend recommended the #ETHANproject.  I IMMEDIATELY jumped on the chance to have the summer fun planned out and know that I am accountable for the follow up!  I have partnered with several of my favorite bloggers to participate in a 10-week challenge to help us re-focus our lives and learn to “ENJOY the HERE and NOW.”  You can read more about the project in the Challenge Overview and Schedule here.

Just what is the weekly challenge?  Take a look below.

Summer is a time for teachers to relax and find things WE like to do, be our own "lesson plan"!  But it can also bring with it a unique set of challenges for teacher moms.  Whether you home school or send your kids to public school, work at home or work outside of the home, one thing we all have in common as moms is the fact that our children need more of us during the summer months.

They need our time, our energy and our creativity.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am running on the last drops of my sweet tea and have exhausted all the creative juices I had earlier in the day or week.  I want to be MOM first, but the pull between the paycheck and parental duties is like a game of tug-a-war on field day!

Are you ready to enter a summer of truly enjoying every moment?   Join our community of #ETHANproject bloggers, moms, teachers and friends. Start the summer knowing that you have a community of women cheering you on, celebrating each sip of tea on the porch you take, every peach drop you wipe from your kiddos face, and challenging you to stop and enjoy the here and now with your children?   YES, PLEASE!!

The best way to join in the fun is by joining us on our Facebook group for daily fun and shenanigans, and most importantly THE WEEKLY CHALLENGE!  Come on over by clicking here.  You do not have to be a participant in the challenge to join the group.

Friday, June 5, 2015 will be the first weeks challenge of the 10 week series.  Check out my Instagram and Twitter feeds for the most up to date crazy life we have here in Georgia!  And make sure you come back by here to see what we came up with for our challenge. Grab your copy of the post in your email box by signing up for my post subscription.  Its right over there, on the left side of this page...go, I will wait........great.  THANK YOU!

Be sure to check GroundedAndSurrounded.com every Friday for our blogger link-up and to see a re-cap of our favorite photos & stories from the week!

Now, get on outta here-and enjoy the here and now!

Blessings y'all,



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