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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I have a confession:  I am a technology geek.  I love to try new and fun ways to engage and educate with rigor and lasting retention of the concepts.  I am constantly looking for teacher tips and innovative ways to stay ahead of the game.  Through my 13 years of teaching, I have found some 5 star sites and some that, thank goodness, are no longer around! Here are a few of my sites that fall under "Endless Love" 5 star rating!  (Bet ya can't get the song out of your head now!)

One of my absolutely favorite teacher websites is ESGI!

ESGI is a "one-on-one assessment process that is simple, efficient and helps guide instruction in the classroom."  It is a site that has a bank of assessments ALREADY MADE FOR YOU!! YEP- you read that right.  There is a bank of assessments that were created by top notch educators such as Deedee Wills of Mrs. Wills' Class, Heidi from Heidi Songs and many more. 

There is at least one assessment for each of the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten and First Grade

For teachers I have my top site for resources.

Teachers Pay Teachers

My favorite go to site for elementary aged children is


This FREE site is an excellent resource for all elementary and pre-school aged children. Try it!

Next is GO NOODLE!  

This site will get you and your kiddos up and going-at any time of the day.  It has a plethora of brain break videos with tons of categories.  Check them out here.

This link will take you to the list of brain break suggestions and reference guide. Just click the picture below.  

I told y'all I was a Techy Geek! This is just a tiny bit off the top of the list of my faves! I hope that these sites help you in your classroom.  

Until next time... you can catch me rockin' on the front porch with my sweet tea and a smile! 


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