Easter Freebie Linky, Let's Get Acquainted, and Plans

Let's have some fun tonight!  I have a linky party with freebies and another installment of Let's Get Acquainted!  I have big posting plans for this week, so stay in touch.  We are packed full today! Let's get started.

First up-the linky party for Easter Freebies!!  

Don't you just love a freebie?  I do, so hop on over to Elementary Matters and load your basket full of freebie!  Here's mine!

Next up is the Let's Get Acquainted linky party. 

This week's game is 

The Noun Game.

 The noun game is where you simply just name your favorite person, place, thing, and animal.

My favorite person is husband.  He is constantly making me proud to be his wife.  We have been together for almost 22 years and have 3 wonderful children together.  So I guess you could say all 4 of them are my favorite people.

My favorite place is the mountains.  I love hiking, shopping, photographing, skiing and visiting with family and community members while in the mountains.  

My favorite thing-well the computer.  I enjoy creating and reading while on the computer.  I have recently found new ways to make things online.  I love to keep up with my friends via social networking too.  I have been blessed with some great ones that i can collaborate and learn from.  

My last favorite noun is dog, my dog.  I love my German Shepherd Dog, Athena.  She is my very own body guard, cuddly pillow and companion. 

What are your favorite nouns?  Leave me a comment and tell me!

This week we will have conferences so we will have half days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

Next week, I will have a Peek at My Week Linky with my inspiration blogging buddy, Deedee of Mrs. Wills Kindergarten .  I am planning on posting my plans with links to the units I will pull from for Reading Stations. Guided Reading and Math Stations.  I hope this will help you.  But  for this week, click on the linky button and check out some of the best plans out there!  

Have a great week filled with wonderful friends and lasting memories. 




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