Here is my currently --- my FIRST currently.  This was one of my favorite posts when I was a reader/stalker of education blogs.  It is a great way to peek into the lives of my favorite bloggers.  I hope you like it too!  Be sure to visit Oh Boy 4th Grade's blogs to see almost 500 bloggers that joined together for the fun link up!  So with no further ado, my April Currently.

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the peace and quiet of the still night at my home is fulfilling!  After a day of teaching 5 and 6 year olds, coaching 4 and 5 year olds, errand running for a 13 and 15 year old, and welcoming my hero home each day, I fill my tank back up with the peace that comes after I know that I have helped others lives be filled with fun and learning!


coaching T-Ball. I played softball for 18 years and now I have the thrill of coaching my girl on her first ball team.  I am loving the ways we come up with how to swing the bat.  First, tower up your hands, next alligator stretch your arms. and bring it back around.  I don't know who is having more fun, me or the kids!


aaahhhhhh!  Georgia gets very hot in the summer and we swim constantly-pools, beaches, water parks, you name it, we swim it!  So its off to the store for a new suit!! 


to know what grade level I will be in next year!!  I love the spring, but as a teacher, this is when the crunch is on!  Standardized tests, teacher evaluations, promotion or retention much to do.  But all I really to know what grade level I will teach next year!!


a new MacPro laptop.  I have an iMac, but would really love to have a laptop to do my work on the go!


Be still, listen and follow your heart with FULL FAITH.  I often forget that I do so much better on decisions -big ones-when I just stop for a little bit.  I think we all need to slow down and listen to our hearts that have been guided through our faith.

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