Blast to the Past Linky Parrrrtay!

Oh my goodness y'all, I was so excited when I saw all my blog buddies pictures of when they were kids!  The flowers, the burnt orange and mustard yellows, the flowers, the puke green-or as Mom called it "avocado green"-so many memories!  So when Farrah from Fabulous Firsties said she was going to put together a linky party and we could share all our pictures from our childhood...I jumped...because y'all, let me just tell ya-I have some of the biggest hair you will ever see!  When I go to the salon, the ladies always go crazy over the amount of hair I have, they oohh and ahh over it.  It's a lot...a whole mess of it, as we say down south!  So along with my big hair, flower power adolescence, I embark on this reveling episode, the newest addition to my childhood's most memorable movie, Star Wars.

OK, so here are the rules:  no laughing- goodness y'all-who am I kidding?  Even I am laughing my tail off at the pictures.  So, go ahead, laugh at me, then go pull your pictures.  Uh huh, who's the goofy looking one now?

I'm pretty sure I was about 13 here.  I am the one sitting on the floor.  I had braces and a funky hairdo.  Was that the modified "Dorothy Hamill" cut?  Later that month I cut my bangs on my 13th birthday...I think they were only about 1/4 of an inch long!  That is my brother, Jim and sister, Wendy.  I think we were setting out Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve.  Notice the lovely couch in the colors mentioned above...mmmmmm, mustard yellow! Oh, and the wood paneling--wow!  

This one is from when I was 10 maybe?  I think I was half asleep!  There is a record album on the coffee table. I can't see who the band is though, can you?  Jim opened the huge puzzle with all the candy bar pictures all over it...he loved puzzles.  I think he glued it together and hung it on his wall, probably next to his KISS poster.  

This is Wendy and me.  We had been playing with our cat, Tootsie.  If you look close, you can see him in the baby doll crib all covered up.  

And now we venture into the world of big hair. I don't think any of these need any explanation other than this:

Notice the straight hair from my childhood. Jim, Wendy and myself all have super straight hair. That means I had to get "perms".   My choice of perms--THE SPIRAL!

Yep, the spiral perm was simply placing the rods up and down using a small amount of hair on the rod.  Well, like I said..I HAVE A TON OF HAIR!  So much hair that the normal amount of rods used to complete this monster big hair-do was

500 rods!  

So check this out:

Don't you just love the sweater?

That's Mom, check out here sweater too!  Guess I should have known I was going to be a teacher back then.  Wendy did not suffer through many perms.  Her hair retaliated and would not hold the curls.  Lucky girl!

This is Daddy.  I am thinking it was further past the spiral perms era, maybe early 1990's.   My hair is straight, but has the whop de doo on top.   I always think it looked like someone slapped my head and my hair stuck, or like in the movie Something About Mary.  Remember when he rubs his hands through his hair at the bar?  Yep, that is what it looks like to me.  And finally this gem....

It is the whoop de doo AND the spiral!  Whew, saved the best for last!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little trip through my flowery big hair days.  It brought back a lot of great memories and I had a fantastic time putting it together. If you want to see more, click on the link below and see some of my blogging buddies and their lovely photos!

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