I want to share some of the best advice ever!  I am talking about the best of the best advice ever (sing those words like in the 1Direction song). And as I was typing up this post, I thought of all the fantastic friends I have out there that have given me advice along the way.  So why not have them share those words in a link party??!!  We are filling our posts, tagging our Instagram, pinning our Pinterest boards smack full of the best advice EVER!!  This advice is great for in the classroom and your daily life.  So read on and then pack it up in your magic bag of teacher tricks, because you are going to need it!!!!

It was my first year of teaching, at the wonderful Bethesda Elementary.  I was green y'all-real green. Except for the dead giveaway of my red hair personality, the red-headed, spit-fire personality, you would have thought I was a timid and scared, first-year teacher.  I will say it was a successful first year.  I learned so much that first year!  And whether this is your first year or last year before retirement, you will learn more about children and yourself than you ever thought existed.

Ahhh- parents.  Some of us are them, some of us loathe them, and some of us love them.  But no matter what, they have sent us their best, their little mini-me, their pecan for their pie!!  God love 'em!!  At BES, the parents were very vocal and communicated all day via email. I'm sure you know the feeling. The parents stayed involved in their child's education.  As it should be, right?  They want their emails answered now, not during our lunch or planning period.

Enter the problem (hint-it's me).  I have a personality of “as soon as it lands on my desk, I take care of it”, also know as Teacher OCD.  So when a  mom continued to email and berate me, I went to my Assistant Principal, Stephanie Twitty, for the best way to handle "this mom".  She gave me words of wisdom that I still hear ringing in my head, tattooed on the backs of my eyelids.  I tell my teenaged children this, the student teachers from the University of Georgia, and fellow teachers and parents…anybody who will listen…I tell them exactly what Stephanie shared with me.

Just because someone throws you a ball, it doesn’t mean you have to catch it or throw it back.

In other words, when someone is giving your grief, or stressing you out, it is perfectly fine to walk away and not catch that ball they are throwing at you.  Someone throws you the ball, puts it in your hand, they are giving it all to you to carry the burden—well, you still do not have to throw it back.  Keep the ball until you are ready to play, if ever. No one ever said you have to throw the ball back.  When a situation arises that is testing your spirit, drawing your attention from the lessons and kiddos, take a step back.  And instead of throwing the "ball" (a.k.a. bad situation/attitude) back to the person who is diverting your attention, just wait, hesitate for a bit. It is alright to let it sit on your desk.  Gahhh, that was hard for me at that point in my career!!  But I did it and carried away the best advice I have ever received!

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Have you ever said or done something so quickly, and without your "filter" that you regret the action or event?  Next time, remember the ball, and who has control over that ball-YOU DO.  Those are my words of advice for you. They are gold, pack them up, put them in your magic bag and use them daily.  It applies not only in the classroom but all aspects of life.  So the next time you come across someone who inspires you, pick up the ball and throw it back out there so others can play too. But if it’s something that stresses you to no end, keep it until you are ready to play.

Would you like more tips, tricks, and advice?  Click on any of the links below to fill your magic teacher bag!!

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Blessings y'all,



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