Beginning Sounds and Ending Spring Break

     Hi yall! This week is coming to a close and I am not ready to say goodbye yet!  I am on spring break and have been loving every minute of it!  Relaxing and relaxing have been on the agenda and I think I have accomplished that task!  I am about to head south and pick up my vacationing daughter, that I have missed terribly!  So I will make this a quick post.        I wanted to let you see a few things I worked on this week.  First up-a new product.  Check this out on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's a differentiated beginning sounds game for the kiddos.  They can use it in centers, small groups or with you in reading group.  I am going to use it in centers next week, and the following week I will do a quick assessment using the results of the game.  Of course the kiddos will do it at independent centers for the assessment. Don't forget, if you have not introduced the center yet, it would be a great idea to play a few rounds in your guided reading groups before turning them lose with the game.  Here is a link and preview of the pack.  

Clip It!

Next up is a PHENOMENAL organizer. Gina over at Third Grade Tidbits blog created this yesterday and I immediately printed and started my central organization process.  I love this lady.  She rocked my organizational gooru to the core!  Check out her product and website below.

Her blog.

Her organizer.

Lastly, I will share some pictures of the kiddos playing games in class last week...Enjoy and see you later gator!




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