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With all the back to school resources out there, what is a teacher to do?  You have so much to choose from, and we have so many things to do!  How in the bleep are you and I going to get it all done?  All of the moving of desks and cabinets, hanging the most productive and instruction worthy items on the walls, OMG!! What am I going to do, and what am I going to teach?  AHHHH, the kids are coming!  The kids are coming!!  I need your help!  I think I am panicking!!  What resources are your go-to items for the first few weeks of school?  I have teamed up with The Wise Guys for a link up of a back to school resources and the best sellers in our stores.

AND, OH MY GOODNESS Y'ALL!  MY KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!  Have you gone back to school and begun the process of unpacking all your resources and "stuff"?  (For the non-teacher types reading this-"stuff" means all those physical items in our classroom that we just can't seem to let go; some people call it hoarding, I call it my "I may need this later stash", i.e. "stuff".)  We all have resources we must have, those tried and true products and techniques.  Today, I am going to add to your "stuff" by sharing a few items with you.  The first one is a new, beginning of the year resource I have in my store, the Interactive Math Lapbook.

My hands-on interactive math lapbook for primary grades is perfect for applying your kiddos knowledge and understanding of computation, data and tally marks, graphing, 2-D and 3-D shapes, time, and fractions.  Included with the lapbook materials are differentiated charts, ten frames, and 400 flashcards!

There are 65 pages of differentiated lapbook materials for your little kiddos to assemble and express their understanding of math concepts.  Time is displayed with an analog and digital clock, graphing is completed by collecting data with tally marks on the "use again" paper (slide a sheet protector over the page  and use a dry erase marker), and computation can be mastered using the 400 flashcards, 100 or 120 charts, and ten frames.  This packed lapbook will help take your kiddos understanding to a new level with all the hands-on activities.

A  best seller back to school pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers store is the Morning Meeting Calendar Time pack.  My Morning Meeting Calendar Time pack has activities and conceptual application of math and reading concepts that are commonly taught in morning meeting calendar time. Children write on the posters once they are laminated. Just print and laminate and the kiddos can use Vis-A-Vie pens to complete the information from the CCSS.

LOOK at what all is in the pack!!! I recently added to the set and it now has the following:

  • Weather Related Posters-tally marks, bar graph and word form

  • Today's Number Posters-expanded notation, word form, tally marks, units-rods-flats

  • Individual Posters for Spelling, Vocabulary and Sight Word Posters large enough for you to write the words

  • 120 Chart

  • Days left in or days until the end of school

  • Analog clock face with and without numbers and the hands to go along with it for changing time

  • Problem of the Day Poster

  • Days of the Week Poster

  • Months of the Year Poster

  • Even and Odd Number Posters

  • Piggy Bank Poster for counting and representing change

  • Listings of the months and days with abbreviations differentiated

  • 3 choices for headers for the months and days posters

  • 4 different types of each- months and days posters

  • Spilled cup of manipulatives for counting and illustrating knowledge and concepts

All this is perfect timing for the Back to School Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Everything will be up to 28% off when you use the code BTS15.  Don't be a doofus like me and forget to enter your code when you check out!  GAAHHH, I have done that a gazillion times!!

And for more back to school resources, you can stop by these blogs to see what packs they have for back to school resources and their best seller. Remember to sign up for my newsletter.  The first one will be coming out in mid-August! (ppsst...there's a freebie only subscribers will receive in each newsletter!)

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