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Today I am joining in with some of my blogging buddies for another week of Techy Tips hosted by Teaching Trio.  Today's posts will be all about apps that can help with your lessons.

I am always looking for innovative ways to engage children in reading-read alouds with me, self guided and selected reading to self, read the pictures, reading to others in the room and my favorite, reading aloud to their choice of a stuffed animal or action figure.  It is so precious to see the children read with fluency and expression to Superman or Olaf.   Finding a new and engaging story or route to reading is sometimes difficult.  I know as adults we grow tired of the same book over and over.  But, children love to hear the same story again and again.  It builds fluency and comprehension, so I am all for hearing Left Foot, Right Foot by Dr. Seuss until I am knocking on the door to the looney bin.  No worries, right? WRONG-- there is a fine line between my sanity and their engagement.  Well, I think I may have found a solution to the age old problem of repetitive read alouds and parental sanity. It's Farfaria.  And my children love it!  

It has instant engagement and is child friendly.  According to the company "Farfaria is is an app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, giving families and teachers unlimited access to over 750 illustrated children’s books, and 5 new books are added each week." When the people at FarFaria asked me to review their reading app, I jumped at the chance. I told them that I am constantly looking for ways to put books into their hands. And man oh man, did this app ever put books into their hands. You can see the parent link below in the picture. There are several ways to select a book too. Reading level and genre, and you can even select from a list of favorite'd books that is stored in the app for you. Remember the looney bin comment? YEP! The favorite'd books list is my new friend! They can listen and interact with the books OVER AND OVER again!

The reader may chose to have it read to them, auto play through or read alone.  Once opened, there is a plethora of images that are sorted by genre and style.  The favorite section for my daughter-the Fairyland category, and her favorite book is the Princess and the Pea. 

Want some more good news?  How about a 


from Zach at Farfaria?

All you need to do is enter the drawing between now and October 31, 2014 below.  He will send the winner a code that allows you 3 months free access to the entire app.  


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