5 Reasons Why I Love Creative Teaching Press Décor

The top 5 reasons I love Creative Teaching Press is just the fuzz off a peach, a tiny smidgen about why I think it is an awesome company and offers fantastic products for the classroom.  Their décor is to die for!  Their DIY and activities for teachers are better than the first bite of a fresh peach!  The company has so many quality products to offer every classroom and home school!  The ideas for teachers are endless (kind of like my glass of sweet tea).

So let's take a bite out of this peach of a company by revealing not only my top 5 reasons why I love Creative Teaching Press, but also a NEW PRODUCT BACK TO SCHOOL 2015 REVEAL!  Hang in there y'all, it's going to be followed up with a sweet treat for you to have a chance to win $50 in Creative Teaching Press Money!

  • NUMBER 1 REASON I LOVE Creative Teaching Press

The company offers several themed classroom collections.  Just to name a few-Painted Palette, Chalk It Up!, Dots on Turquoise, Chevron, Black and White  Collection.  Stay tuned for my favorite collection.

  • NUMBER 2 REASON I LOVE Creative Teaching Press

When you and I order from Creative Teaching Press, we not only receive quality, but we get products that are easy to use and are easy to carry out in both the classroom and the home school.

  • NUMBER 3 REASON I LOVE Creative Teaching Press

With the varied levels of academic understanding in the classroom, it is imperative that we get the most out of every product we purchase for our students.  Creative Teaching Press has differentiated products for classrooms that address the varied curriculum and grade levels.  YUP!  They are not just a décor store!

  • NUMBER 4 REASON I LOVE Creative Teaching Press

Each year, Creative Teaching Press releases NEW PRODUCTS for BACK TO SCHOOL (wait for it...) to add to their existing collections.  Remember the reveal I taunted you with way up there?   Well here it is-Creative Teaching Press 2015 new collection products all mixed in with the existing Chalk It Up! collection.  YUP!  Chalk It Up! is my favorite collection!!

....and that is not even the entire new line for Back to School 2015 at Creative Teaching Press.  You will have to check out more by visiting their website.

  • NUMBER 5 REASON I LOVE Creative Teaching Press

While in Atlanta in February at the EdExpo, I was able to meet and collaborate with the wonderfully fun and energetic people from Creative Teaching Press.  I was able to preview some of the TOP SECRET items they are revealing today and talk about the past and future of the company.  And if you are a regular reader here, you know that I am all about quality and integrity.  This company meets exceeds my expectations for both.

"Creative Teaching Press is proud to be celebrating 50 years of teachers helping teachers.  It was 50 years ago that a veteran school teacher named Luella Connelly got the idea to make her creative ideas for fun and effective teaching available to other teachers.  And with the success of her “Recipes for Creative Writing,” CTP was born!  Since then, generations of teachers have looked to our family-owned, teacher-managed company for the supplementary materials they need to help their students learn and make their classrooms a positive learning environment."

If you have not purchased anything from them, now is the time.  And I have a great way for you to win some free products.

Since 50 seems to be a popular number with them, how about $50 worth of Creative Teaching Press products??!!!

All you will need to do is enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win a $50 shopping spree, courtesy of Creative Teaching Press.  But hurry, this chance ends on June 7, 2015 at the stroke of midnight, EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would see how other teachers are using these great products, click the link and stop by my Georgia buddy's blog.  And continue the loop by clicking on over 30 EXCLUSIVE Creative Teaching Press Bloggers sites.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the 5 reasons I love Creative Teaching Press décor.  I will be posting more about the ways you can use the interactive and beautiful products available at Creative Teaching Press.  But for now, you can find other helpful tips and ways to save on these great posts.

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