2013 Technology Goals, Hugs, and Links

I would like to thank Growing Kinders for the push into my first technology goal.  My first technology goal is to participate in a linky party.  I must say I am very humbled to be able to have my button even on the same page as the ones listed on Growing Kinders page.

The bloggers listed on this linky are my mentors, whether they know or not.  A HUGE thank you and HUG are being sent to you...

Now, onto my TECHNO GOALS.  My county just rolled out netbooks for our students to use in the classroom.  The kiddos are using them for word work stations and math stations.  I was told before break that we are going to be receiving 4 Ipads once we come back to class.  So, my goal is to implement these assets as AUTHENTIC learning tools. I am not quite sure how I am going to do this,but I will start by looking at some posts from iTeachwithiPads  and Tammy's posts at

Live Love Laugh Kindergarten.  

My BIGGEST goal this year is probably obvious to you by now.  It is to get rolling on this blog to assist fellow educators in linking up and collaborating as much as I possibly can.  The long term goal is to create lessons and activities that help you.  I see this upcoming year to be a learning experience-really big!

Make sure to check out Kathleen's post for her goals.  I will be implementing the Adventure to Fitness right away!

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