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Welcome to my little spot on the web. I am so happy you stopped by to share in some collaboration and help your students be the best they can be.  This website is here for a few reasons, mostly to help other teachers ease their burden by collaborating and sharing ideas and resources for your classroom kiddos.  Also, I like to write about the ins and out of the challenges and celebrations of my life as an elementary teacher, mom, and wife.  I want to give back in honor of the teachers that inspired me and for the ones that guide me today!

I am a veteran teacher of 13 years, with experience in pre-school through fourth, excluding third grade.  Collaborating with all stakeholders in education is what brings joy in my day.  Seeing children and adults exceed their expectations of themselves fills my bucket and overflows it with more energy to give back.

I am a God fearing, Jesus loving, dirt digging, bow wearing, southern belle.  Born and raised in Georgia, I have lived my entire life here.  (You can tell when you hear me speak and through a few of the unknown facts about me below).  I am married to my college sweetheart, and we have three wonderful children!

I hope that when you leave here today, you have a basket full of goodies to share with your students and tell your friends to join us for the fun.

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So remember when I mentioned something up there about a list of unknown facts about me?  Well, it is a list of quirky and weird stuff that makes me, well, ME!  So here I go- exposing myself like never before!

1.  I always have to have my toenails painted.  Really- I was going into the hospital the next day for baby number 2, noticed my unpainted toes.  I just HAD to give them a fresh coat before I went in the next day!  So well worth it!

2.  I hate yogurt-it leaves my mouth feeling gross!

3.  I did not try coffee until I was 38.  I love it now!

4.  I have never-ever-ever smoked!  That’s nasty!

5.  I twirl my hair between my fingers when I concentrate or am tired.

6.  My feet are freakishly wide.  Thanks, Dad!

7.  Speaking of Dad, I am a Daddy’s Girl, big time!

8. Mom-she and I are just alike!  I see her more and more in my personality everyday~and I kind of like it that way.

9.  I love dogs-all dogs except for Chihuahuas.  They hated me first!

10.  I love cats too- I have a cat blanket to prove it!

11.  I secretly think that if I do not make up my bed each morning, I will have a bad day.

12. I obsess that the pillows with the butterflies my Granny B made me HAVE got to be setting the right way on my made up bed.

13. Oh and this is the right number for this one- I believe in number 13 because of Friday the 13th movie.

14.  I cannot fall asleep if any body part is hanging off the side of the bed.

15.  I live 20 minutes from where they filmed the original Friday the 13th movie.  Needless to say, I do not canoe in the pond!

………..more to come

Welcome to my little spot on the web.


I am a mom, wife, animal lover, 

and a green-thumb wanna-be. I love to help people find ways to save their time, effort, and — let’s face it y’all — their sanity! I’ll help by sharing curated experiences, products, and tested techniques that can be used in everyday life. 


My hope is that I can help you in the day-to-day activities and challenges of teaching by collaborating and sharing ideas and resources for your kiddos! 


I am in my 17th year teaching in elementary school. Most of my career has been spent teaching those in lower grades (six years in second grade, four years in kindergarten, three years in PreK, two years in first grade, one year in fourth grade, and one year teaching grades 1-3 and fifth grade in gifted courses). 


I hold a master’s degree in early childhood education and a Bachelor of Science in public health education. Additionally, I am certified in gifted and talented education.

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